Divorce / Talaq Procedure in Pakistan and Online for Abroad Pakistani

Divorce is given by a Muslim male to his wife however to make the Talaq legally valid it is necessary to follow all the legal requirements and to follow the law of Pakistan related to divorce.

Normally people just prepare a divorce deed and send it to the wife and start thinking that it’s all over however this is not the case. The Talaq procedure in Pakistan has to be followed according to the law.

Normally people try to be higher A lawyer themselves and write whatever they wanted to on the divorce deed without knowing their merits and demerits.

Every divorce case is not the same and every wordings on the divorce deed should be written very carefully so better that you tell a lawyer all your issue and then get your divorce deed prepared because many of the people don’t know that the wordings on the divorce deed can be used in the court of law against such husband.

During the Talaq procedure in Pakistan the divorce deed is not only sent to the wife but also the arbitration council. People need to understand that divorce is a complete subject and to be divorced is a complete case.

The case of divorce is conducted in arbitration council and the law is very clear that the proceedings of at least 90 days will be conducted in arbitration council. Arbitration council is a court having the powers to hear divorce cases.The 90 days is the minimum time required for the proceedings of divorce and there is no limit to the maximum period of time and you all know that as this is Pakistan so the maximum period can be in years and during all this period notices are sent to both the parties to appear before the council and do conciliation and efforts are done to do patch up between husband & wife.

After the proceedings of arbitration council is over you are issued a divorce certificate. The day your divorce certificate is issued you are considered as divorced. So anyone who thinks that he or she is divorced before this divorce certificate.We also help the abroad Pakistani Nationals those who want to Divorce / Talaq to their partners.

We do all legal clear and fast procedure. let me guide them that they are not divorced and such a spouse will always remain as husband and wife and even inherit properties of each other so it is better to consult a competent lawyer such as Advocate Shoaib before you divorce your wife because Advocate Shoaib can make the Talaq procedure in Pakistan easy for the clients and get them divorce certificate in weeks time also as you all know everything is possible in Pakistan. For the procedure of Talaq in Pakistan or Talaq procedure in Lahore Pakistan please contact Advocate Ch Shoaib Advocate: 0300 2151 013