Succession Certificate

Succession certificate is issued by a civil court in Pakistan in favour of legal heirs of a deceased person. This certificate is issued in respect of movable property of a deceased person, for example a car, money in bank account, jewellery etc.

The procedure often becomes more complicated if there are competing claimants of the same property or asset, and the matter is finally decided by the court. Contact us to discuss your particular circumstances as our expert lawyers have vast experience of the whole process of obtaining succession certificates.

Law of Succession 1925 or Succession Act 1925 governs the all procedure related with succession certificate in Pakistan.Succession Certificate is required when a person dies in order to transfer property of deceased person to his/her legal heirs such as insurance claims, money in bank account(s), any stocks, prize bonds, Stock exchange Shares etc.There are two different ways to file an application for succession certificate…

All legal heir can file a joint application in the court with the consent of other legal heirs.

During proceedings all legal heirs record their statements in favor of that one legal heir that they do not have any objection to the issuance of succession certificate to that one legal heir.

Court in this scenario decided the application in favor of one legal heir who after wards distributes the property among other heirs.

Second method to obtain succession certificate is that all legal heirs apply for succession certificate individually and court issue certificate to all of them according to their share in the property.

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